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We’re a translation agency in London, SE1.

Need something translated?

Based in London Bridge, our London translation agency’s prices start from just £50.00 inc. VAT for a one-page translation into a major European language. Very reasonable, we think you’ll agree.

Our mission

To improve the world of translation, one word at a time. Why? Because good translations bring you closer to your customer. Think about it – we all like to feel at home.

A whopping
0% of people
are unlikely to buy something they can't read about in their own language.*

*We’re not making it up! Source: Common Sense Advisory Inc

What can we do for you?

  • Practical

    A problem shared is a problem halved. Let us come up with the solution for you.

  • Timely

    Never worry about another deadline. You can count on us.

  • Focused

    Sit back and relax. We’ll keep your project on the right track.

  • Clever

    Our translators are experts in their field, not just their language. Beat that.

  • Relational

    Build a rapport. Our translations connect you with your customers.

  • Detailed

    Quality comes as standard with us. Because the devil’s in the detail.

Exactly what it says on the tin

No prizes for guessing what we do.* Contact us to translate anything you like. It’s as simple as that. Our main areas of expertise are legal, educational, commercial and marketing translations.

Legal and certified translations

Our lawyer-linguists guide solicitors, notaries and companies through the legal translation minefield. Find out more

Educational translations

We have particular expertise in translating marketing material for British boarding schools and universities. Find out more

M&A and financial translations

Dot Comma helps banks and investors translate their financial documents and annual reports. Find out more

Marketing and website translations

We show businesses how to use translation successfully as part of their marketing and export strategies. Find out more

*If you’re stuck, here’s a hint: We’re a translation agency in London Bridge!

Top 5 languages we translate

Which languages have you asked us to translate most recently?

German to English translation | English to German translation
Spanish to English translation | English to Spanish translation
Chinese to English translation | English to Chinese translation
French to English translation | English to French translation
Russian to English translation | English to Russian translation

Can’t see the language you’re looking for amongst the Top 5 translated languages? Don’t worry – we translate into and out of hundreds more at our translation agency in London Bridge.

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Get in touch however you like: phone, email, post, carrier pigeon* – but not fax, this isn’t the 1980s!

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*Probably best to use Twitter nowadays, though!

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