Apostille translation services in London

Apostille Translation and Document Legalisation

Apostille translation is important if you need to use your documents for official purposes in a foreign country. You will often find that documents are only accepted by the receiving public authority if they have an Apostille. And, in some countries, you will also need to get the Apostille translated into a foreign language.

As a leading London translation agency, Dot Comma is aware of the different requirements for Apostille translations and can translate an Apostille into and out of any language. We don’t just offer an Apostille translation service, we can also help you get an Apostille affixed to your documents for official use.

If you have been asked to have your translation apostilled or get an Apostille affixed to your documents, the first thing to do is request as much information from the receiving authority as possible. Believe it or not, but different agencies in the same country can have different requirements for getting translations legalised and apostilled!

Getting a certified translation apostilled

Apostille translation into Romanian, issued under the Hague Convention of 1961 in RomaniaFor countries that do not have English as an official language, you will almost always require a certified translation. Find out about the different types of certified translations and sworn translations here. If the receiving jurisdiction is a member of the Hague Convention of 1961, then you will probably also need to get an Apostille on your original document; you might also need the certified translation to have an Apostille. As already mentioned, sometimes the Apostille also needs to be translated.

Dot Comma can carry out translation of an Apostille quickly and cheaply, thanks to its extensive network of professional translators. Being a translation agency in London (near London Bridge in SE1), our central London location means we can also obtain an Apostille quickly for you; we have access to the fast-track Apostille service at the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office so can even get documents and translations apostilled on a same-day basis!