Certified birth certificate translation in London (with Apostille)

Are you getting married abroad? Will you be emigrating to a foreign country? If so, you will most likely need to get your birth certificate apostilled and/or legalised. Have you changed your name? If so, you will probably need a professional birth certificate translation to register the change of name abroad. The process can be quite bewildering. Fortunately, Dot Comma is familiar with the many requirements for getting an Apostille and consular legalisation.

Being a translation agency in Central London, Dot Comma is ideally located to visit the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and the many different consulates/embassies in the capital. We can guide you through the legalisation process and help you get an Apostille on your birth certificate or get your birth certificate legalised. If you are in a hurry, we have access to the FCO fast-track service so can get your birth certificate apostilled on the same-day!

As well as getting an Apostille on a birth certificate, we can also help with the translation of birth certificates into any language. We can also translate the Apostille on your birth certificate if required.

If you were born outside the UK, you may need an ITI certified translation of your birth certificate for visa or immigration purposes. This is a straightforward process and our certified translations are accepted by the UK Home Office and other government departments.

You may need to get an official translation of your UK birth certificate if you are getting married abroad or emigrating. Each country has its own requirements. We can guide you through the myriad of different options from a sworn translation to a notarised translation with Apostille. Just ask!

Also, don’t worry if you’ve lost your birth certificate or you need an extra copy. We are able to order replacement copies of birth certificates from the General Register Office quickly and easily on your behalf. That means, even if you need a translation of your birth certificate in London but you can’t attend the offices of our translation agency in London Bridge, we are still able to help.