Documents for translation when changing your name

If you’re looking to change your name and you were born in a different country, you will need a certified translation of your birth certificate. Likewise, if you got married abroad and wish to use your married name for official purposes, you will need to get an official translation of your marriage certificate. A certified translation of a deed poll will also be needed if you have changed your name voluntarily.

Under English law, you are free to change your name whenever you please. However, if you wish to register your change of name with an official body, such as the DVLA or Passport Office, you will need to provide evidence of the change of name. Where this evidence is not in English, then you will be expected to obtain a certified translation of your deed poll, an official translation of your birth certificate or a translation of your passport.

If you wish to change your name abroad, then you should take specialist legal advice. Bear in mind, though, that as well as a translation of your official documents, you will probably need an Apostille for your original birth certificate or a notarised copy of your passport. This is something Dot Comma can help you with.