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Dot Comma translates into and out of hundreds of different languages. We offer professional French translation, German translation services. We also offer translations from English into Chinese, Russian and many more combinations. Each language poses unique challenges for translation, but Dot Comma has numerous years’ experience in translating all languages. So, we’re definitely up to the task.

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German translations

Since Germany is a major trading partner for the UK, it is important to use professional German translation services. Dot Comma translates German documents for businesses and individuals to help them do business in the Federal Republic of Germany. Click here to find out more about our German translation service.

German translation facts

  • Spoken by 100 million people
  • Translations expand 10-35%
  • Swiss and Austrian variations

Russian translations

Dot Comma has been translating documents for Russia for many years. We have specialist expertise in translating school prospectus and handbooks for Russia. Our translators also handle translations of tender documentation and other commercial documents into and out of Russian. Find out more about our Russian translation service.

Russian translation facts

  • Spoken by 260 million people
  • Translations expand 15%
  • Also spoken in Ukraine and Belarus

French translations

Our French translation service is designed to help businesses and individuals. We translate birth certificates, marriage certificates and other personal documents from English into French and vice versa. We also specialise in French legal translations of contracts and documents for branch registration in France. Find out more about our French translation service.

French translation facts

  • Spoken by 120 million people
  • Translations expand 15-20%
  • Canadian and African variations

Chinese translations

China is a key market for many British companies. Many Chinese students also attend British boarding schools. Dot Comma’s Chinese translators come from Mainland China and Hong Kong, so can translate into Mandarin (Simiplified Chinese) and Cantonese (Traditional Chinese). Find out more about our Chinese translation service.

Chinese translation facts

  • Spoken by 1.2 billion people
  • Expansion/contraction varies
  • Mandarin and Cantonese variations

Whatever language you need translating, Dot Comma can help.

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Don't worry, it's not just French, German, Russian and Chinese that we can translate. We offer virtually every language under the sun. Why not ask us if we can help?

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Copy of Legal translations

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Education translations

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Marketing translations

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