“We asked Dot Comma to help us translate our fundraising brochures into Chinese. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive… The service from Dot Comma was outstanding, with a rapid turnaround and a meticulous attention to detail, and I would not hesitate to use them again in the future.”Bromsgrove School
China is home to one billion people. This makes it an extremely interesting market for many companies looking to export. However, levels of English vary widely. In fact, it is estimated that less than 1% of the population regularly speaks English.  Therefore, obtaining a professional Chinese translation is paramount.

There can also be legal implications of not providing Chinese translations. Recently, the US Securities and Exchange Commission criticised a number of global companies for failing to translate compliance documentation into Chinese for their local subsidiaries to ensure compliance with the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (15 US Code § 79dd-1 et seq.).

Aside from the legal minefield, Chinese translations can also pose linguistic challenges – Chinese is not simply Chinese. Simplified and traditional Chinese describe the two styles of written script, whilst Mandarin and Cantonese are two of the major dialects spoken across the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan.  The biggest difference between the two scripts is the number of strokes used for each character; in most cases, as you might guess, simplified Chinese characters have fewer strokes. The grammar and syntax of simplified and traditional Chinese vary subtly, and their are regional vocabulary traits that should be taken into account.

Fortunately, at Dot Comma, we specialise in professional Chinese translations. Our team will help you select the correct form of Chinese. We can also advise on the best way to transliterate your brand or company name to avoid potential embarrassment.

Need a Chinese translation?

Professional Chinese translation services needn't cost the earth. At Dot Comma, we offer quality Chinese translations to suit any budget.

Chinese translation process

  • Project kick-off

    Before putting pen to paper, we sit down with you to work out exactly what you want your Chinese translation to achieve. This information feeds into the rest of the Chinese translation process.

  • Translator matching

    We only use professional, native Chinese translators. But, knowing the language isn’t enough. So, all our Chinese translators are specialists in areas like law, finance, marketing, etc.

  • Translation and proofreading

    During the translation stage, we are on hand to answer Chinese translation queries. And, if you’ve opted for our Premier service, we’ll arrange a review of the translation by a second professional Chinese translator.

  • Quality review

    Just before we return your Chinese translation to you, we check it in-house using our specially-designed QA checklist. This checks in particular for accuracy and consistency of dates, numbers, etc.

  • Delivery

    Once your document has been translated into Chinese and checked, we then send it back to you in your chosen format, i.e. digital or hard copy. But we won’t send anything back, until we’re 100% happy with it.

Chinese documents we can translate

Chinese legal and certified translations

  • Translation of Chinese degree certificates
  • Translation of Chinese birth certificates
  • Translation of Chinese marriage certificates
  • Translation of Chinese death certificates
  • Translation of CVs and references for China

Chinese educational translations

  • Translation of school prospectuses for China
  • Translation of handbooks for China agents
  • Translation of consent forms for Chinese parents
  • Translation of marketing material for Chinese alumni
  • Translation of course guides for Chinese students

Chinese marketing and website translations

  • Translation of website content into Chinese
  • Translation of advertising slogans for China
  • Translation of Chinese press releases
  • Translation of sales letters to send to Chinese
  • Translation of guides for Chinese sales agents

Professional translation in any language

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