“We’ve just had the letter copy checked by our French editor; he was very happy and said it didn’t read like a translation, which is great.”Scholastic Limited t/a Mary Glasgow Magazines
Aside from France, French is also spoken in many other parts of the world, including Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and several African countries. In fact, there are significant French-speaking populations in 54 countries around the world.

The Académie Française is strongly protective of the French language, advocating the use of French words wherever possible. Anglicisms such as le weekend should be avoided like the plague. The Academy even publishes guidance on how to avoid neologisms and Anglicisms.

Companies dealing with France need to be aware that the desire to communicate in French isn’t just a cultural preference, but is actually a legal requirement. The Toubon law (Law 94-665 of 4th August 1994 concerning the use of the French language) requires foreign companies to translate their user manuals, labels, catalogues and other commercial documents into French. Failure to comply is a serious affair – indeed, in 2006 a subsidiary of US-giant General Electric operating in France was fined €580,000 for not translating information that its employees needed to carry out their jobs and a penalty of €20,000 imposed for each day it failed to provide the translations.

Dot Comma’s professional French translators have several years’ experience in translating French documents. All our French translations are carried out by professional translators who hold appropriate qualifications. If required, we can also produce sworn translations [traductions officielles] for use in the French courts.

Need a French translation?

Professional French translation services needn't cost the earth. At Dot Comma, we offer quality French translations to suit any budget.

French translation process

  • Project kick-off

    Before putting pen to paper, we sit down with you to work out exactly what you want your French translation to achieve. This information feeds into the rest of the French translation process.

  • Translator matching

    We only use professional, native French translators. But, knowing the language isn’t enough. So, all our French translators are specialists in areas like law, finance, marketing, etc.

  • Translation and proofreading

    During the translation stage, we are on hand to answer French translation queries. And, if you’ve opted for our Premier service, we’ll arrange a review of the translation by a second professional French translator.

  • Quality review

    Just before we return your French translation to you, we check it in-house using our specially-designed QA checklist. This checks in particular for accuracy and consistency of dates, numbers, etc.

  • Delivery

    Once your document has been translated into French and checked, we then send it back to you in your chosen format, i.e. digital or hard copy. But we won’t send anything back, until we’re 100% happy with it.

French documents we can translate

French legal and certified translations

  • Translation of French degree certificates
  • Translation of French birth certificates
  • Translation of French marriage certificates
  • Translation of French death certificates
  • Translation of CVs and references for France

French educational translations

  • Translation of school prospectuses for France
  • Translation of handbooks for French agents
  • Translation of consent forms for French parents
  • Translation of marketing material for French alumni
  • Translation of course guides for French students

French marketing and website translations

  • Translation of website content into French
  • Translation of advertising slogans for France
  • Translation of French press releases
  • Translation of sales letters to send to France
  • Translation of guides for French sales agents