“We are very happy with the German translation and the speed with which it was produced. It was a pleasure to work together.”seneca Corporate Finance GmbH
Whilst just over half the population of Germany speaks English, Germans almost unanimously prefer to read in their own language, particularly when it comes to legal or official information. In fact, the Federation of German Consumer Organisations recently took WhatsApp to court — and won — for the social network’s failure to translate its terms and conditions into German.

The German language is well-known for its long words: die Hochschulzulassungsberechtigung (university entrance examination certificate), for example. Apart from being a mouthful to pronounce, such words mean that German texts are about 15–20% longer than their English originals, which also makes it important to seek advice about layout and formatting.

Culturally, Germans tend to be a lot more direct and analytical than the English; they place much greater emphasis on facts and figures to make decisions rather than emotive or subjective statements.

Dot Comma’s professional German translators have several years’ experience in translating German documents. All our German translations are carried out by professional translators who hold appropriate qualifications. If required, we can also produce sworn translations [beglaubigte Übersetzungen] for use in the German courts.

Need a German translation?

Professional German translation services needn't cost the earth. At Dot Comma, we offer quality German translations to suit any budget.

German translation process

  • Project kick-off

    Before putting pen to paper, we sit down with you to work out exactly what you want your German translation to achieve. This information feeds into the rest of the German translation process.

  • Translator matching

    We only use professional, native German translators. But, knowing the language isn’t enough. So, all our German translators are specialists in areas like law, finance, marketing, etc.

  • Translation and proofreading

    During the translation stage, we are on hand to answer German translation queries. And, if you’ve opted for our Premier service, we’ll arrange a review of the translation by a second professional German translator.

  • Quality review

    Just before we return your German translation to you, we check it in-house using our specially-designed QA checklist. This checks in particular for accuracy and consistency of dates, numbers, etc.

  • Delivery

    Once your document has been translated into German and checked, we then send it back to you in your chosen format, i.e. digital or hard copy. But we won’t send anything back, until we’re 100% happy with it.

German documents we can translate

German legal and certified translations

  • Translation of German degree certificates
  • Translation of German birth certificates
  • Translation of German marriage certificates
  • Translation of German death certificates
  • Translation of CVs and references for Germany

German educational translations

  • Translation of school prospectuses for Germany
  • Translation of handbooks for German agents
  • Translation of consent forms for German parents
  • Translation of marketing material for German alumni
  • Translation of course guides for German students

German marketing and website translations

  • Translation of website content into German
  • Translation of advertising slogans for Germany
  • Translation of German press releases
  • Translation of sales letters to send to Germany
  • Translation of guides for German sales agents

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