Translation of Model Articles for a UK Company

If you operate a UK company and do business abroad, chances are that you will need to have your company’s articles of association translated. The articles of association contain the rules governing how the company operates, what its directors may do and how the shareholders can exercise control. To facilitate business transactions, companies may adopt a set of standard articles of association, known as the Model Articles, which are prescribed by law. More information on the Model Articles can be found here on Companies House’s website. If you require a translation of the Model Articles, use our handy online tool below to obtain a translation within 1 working day.

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Which version of the Model Articles do you need?

Under the Mental Health (Discrimination) Act 2013, changes were made to the Model Articles. Therefore, it is important to select the most appropriate version.

Please select the version of the Model Articles you require, either as in force before 28th April 2013 or after.

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By default, we'll supply a translation in PDF format without any form of certification. However, if you need to use the translation for official purposes, you might need it to be certified or notarised in some way.

ITI Certified Translation
We certify the translation as corporate members of the ITI.
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A notarised translation is often required in many countries.
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How would you like to receive the translation?

We'll always send you a scan of the translation for your records. However, you'll need to decide what to do with the physical copy. Choose the most convenient option below.

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Need an Apostille?

An Apostille is issued by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. There are two fees, depending on how quickly the Apostille is required. Please note that the Apostille relates to the translation not the English original. We charge a handling fee in addition to the cost of the Apostille itself.

No Apostille
I don't require an Apostille on the translation
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Standard Apostille
The standard service takes approx. 3-6 working days
Add Apostille (£30 each)
Express Apostille
The express service takes approx. 24 hours
Add Apostille (£75 each)
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