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Translations for the UK education sector

The British education system enjoys a deservedly high profile around the globe. For over five years, Dot Comma has helped schools and universities all over Britain to communicate effectively with their international parents and pupils. It’s no wonder, therefore, that we’re the number one translation provider to the UK education sector.

Our team of professional linguists is on hand to discuss how your institution can use translation as part of your marketing mix to recruit more international students, develop better relationships with alumni and parents, or even clarify administrative tasks and policies.

Marketing tips for schools.

Make translation part of your marketing mix.

How can translation help our school?

You can use translation to recruit more international students, develop relationships with alumni or clarify administrative policies and procedures.

Which languages should we start with?

The most common languages we deal with are German, Russian and Chinese. However, we can translate into hundreds of different languages.

What marketing materials should our school translate?

You might want to get your school’s prospectus translated, your website or an AdWords campaign. You can also create special information in a foreign language for agents.

Why do we need an expert?

Google Translate is helpful, but it can’t cope with specialist terminology found in schools. Don’t run the risk. Leave it to a professional translation agency.

How can you make the most of your school's marketing budget?

Translation need not cost the earth. A page of text into a major European language can cost as little as £42 + VAT.

Going the extra mile

Dot Comma understands the challenges facing the educational sector. We can help you use translation to overcome them.

Leave it to the professionals

The language of British boarding is confusing enough in English. So, don’t take any chances – let a professional translation company handle your educational translations.

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Examples of educational documents we translate


  • Translation of school prospectus
  • School website translation
  • Marketing brochure translation
  • Translation of handbooks for agents
  • Translation of exhibition materials
  • Education fair flyer translation


  • Translation of letters home
  • Alumni newsletters translation
  • Translation of fundraising materials
  • Bursary information translations
  • Translation of school videos
  • Translation for PTA events


  • Translation of school policies
  • Medical form translations
  • Translation of HSE information
  • Translation of school T&Cs
  • Agent agreement translations
  • Translation of visa documents