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Expert marketing translations

English may well be the de facto international business language. However, as the old adage goes, buy in your own language, sell in theirs. Whether you are looking to enter a new market, raise brand awareness in a particular region or launch a full-blown multilingual advertising campaign, look no further than Dot Comma Translations.

Thanks to a handpicked team of tried-and-trusted translators, Dot Comma can carefully take your brand’s message and convey it to a global audience. For a truly one-stop solution, we don’t just take care of the words on the page, but can also help with multilingual SEO, website translation and graphic design/DTP in a foreign language.

FAQs about marketing translation

How to avoid marketing translation pitfalls.

What file formats can you work with?

Ideally, we ask for copy to be supplied in Word. However, we can also work with InDesign, Excel or even your website CMS.

Our translators are used to working with a variety of file formats. Generally, clients send us copy decks in Word for their marketing translations. A copy deck is a simple text document that contains typesetting instructions to show which bits of text should go where. To assist your designers, we can return a bilingual copy deck, with the English on one side and the foreign language on the other. Alternatively, why not let one of our skilled multilingual graphic designers handle the desktop publishing element of the process? That way, you can be sure that no accents will be missed and that all the text will be in the correct position.

What works in one market might not necessarily work in another. Just look at Orange’s slogan “The future’s bright, the future’s Orange” – this caused all sorts of problems for the company in Northern Ireland because of the political connotations. Localisation and transcreation take your company’s brand message and adapt it for a local audience. Dot Comma’s professional marketing translators will help you ensure that your company’s marketing material is translated in a culturally appropriate way to deliver the best results.

What is localisation and transcreation?

Transcreation and localisation are all about adapting your brand to local market requirements and conditions.

Why use a professional translator?

Why spend all that money on an advertising campaign only to risk its failing by leaving it to an amateur to translate?

The web is awash with horror stories of marketing translations that have gone wrong! Kentucky Fried Chicken’s famous slogan was mistakenly translated into Chinese as “Eat your fingers off” instead of “Finger lickin’ good”. Don’t take any chances with your brand. Leave translation to the professionals. After all, you’ve probably spent thousands of pounds on launching a professional advertising campaign, you don’t want to jeopardise its success by leaving the translation to chance.

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Going the extra mile

Dot Comma offers a truly one-stop service. Aside from just translating the words on the page, we also offer multilingual DTP, SEO and PPC services.

Leave it to the professionals

Marketing translation is a tricky business. You need to take into consideration cultural and linguistic differences – let a professional translation company handle your marketing translations.

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Examples of marketing documents we translate

Print and offline

  • Translation of company flyers
  • Newsletter translation
  • Marketing brochure translation
  • Translation of advertising slogans
  • Translation of product catalogues
  • Business card translation

SEO and websites

  • Translation of AdWords campaign
  • Microsite translation
  • eCommerce translations
  • Multilingual SEO and PPC
  • Translation of promotional videos
  • Website localisation

Social Media

  • Translation of blog posts
  • Infographics translations
  • Translation of customer reviews
  • Translation of e-shots
  • Social media profile translations
  • Translation of Facebook and Twitter ads