Translation for setting up a company or branch in Cuba

Cuba has strict foreign direct investment controls. Before a foreign company can commence operations in Cuba, it is necessary to obtain a permit [autorización] from the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Trade [Ministerio de Comercio Exterior]. Full details about sector-specific requirements, … Read More

Translate financial documents in London and the City

How to translate financial documents in London

The City of London is a global financial centre. As cross-border financial transactions grow in frequency, so too does the requirement for accurate and quick financial translation in London. It is important to ensure that translations of financial documents not only … Read More

Translating PSC registers

Procedure for translating PSC Registers As of 6th April 2016, all limited companies, LLPs and SEs are required to maintain a register of persons with significant control (known as the PSC Register) as a result of the Small Business, Enterprise … Read More

Top 5 Translation Mistakes

Rubbing out the Top 5 translation mistakes

Top 5 translation mistakes you don’t want to make Translation offers many benefits for your company; it can help you sell more, open up new markets and drive engagement with existing clients. However, don’t let these Top 5 translation mistakes … Read More

Translating Companies House documents

Translating Companies House documents

One of the most common types of documents we are asked to translate are company filings from Companies House. Typical requests include the translation of a company’s memorandum and articles of association, or asking us to translate certificates of incorporation or certificates of … Read More