Translation for setting up a company or branch in Cuba

Cuba has strict foreign direct investment controls. Before a foreign company can commence operations in Cuba, it is necessary to obtain a permit [autorización] from the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Trade [Ministerio de Comercio Exterior]. Full details about sector-specific requirements, … Read More

Translations for Spanish Probate Proceedings

It’s not easy when a loved one dies. The last thing you want to worry about is translation. Unfortunately, though, if the deceased left assets in Spain, such as a holiday home or a Spanish bank account, you will need … Read More

Top 5 Translation Mistakes

Rubbing out the Top 5 translation mistakes

Top 5 translation mistakes you don’t want to make Translation offers many benefits for your company; it can help you sell more, open up new markets and drive engagement with existing clients. However, don’t let these Top 5 translation mistakes … Read More

Wedding abroad paperwork translation

Professional wedding abroad paperwork translation service

According to a recent newspaper article, almost one in four British couples now choose to get married abroad. Some of the most popular destinations include South Africa, St Lucia, Mauritius, Italy, the Dominican Republic and Cuba. Getting hitched in a foreign … Read More

Essential guide to legal translations

Essential guide to legal translation for lawyers, solicitors and notaries

Essential guide to legal translations This article originally appeared in the 2015 Winter edition (Issue No. 72) of The Notary, the magazine of the Notaries Society. What’s in a word? On 28th July 1945, the media asked the Japanese Premier Kantaro Suzuki … Read More