Helping a cruise line cut its PPC translation spend by 75%


When our client – one of the world’s premier cruise lines – wanted to expand its presence in Germany, the largest market globally by passenger numbers, it turned to Dot Comma to help with the launch of its pay-per-click Google AdWords™ campaign for the German-speaking market.


Given the huge number of potential customers, our client’s campaign included 7,000 keywords and over 150,000 words of advert copy. This was designed to ensure maximum reach and exposure for its different brands, routes and holiday options. Despite the large volumes of text, the campaign’s success depended on maximising return on investment, so advertising spend had to be kept as low as possible.

In addition to budget pressures, the copy itself also posed its own challenges. Like all good advertising, the trick was to keep the message short and punchy, whilst remaining within Google’s strict character limits – not easy in a language like German.


The traditional per-word pricing metric was not an option for this campaign; it would have pushed costs into the stratosphere! Using specialist translation technology, Dot Comma was able to leverage the numerous keyword repetitions within the text. As a result, we helped our client to take advantage of an innovative pricing model that reduced translation costs by up to 75%. Not only did this save in excess of £12,000, but also meant the company beat its already ambitious return on investment target.

When it came to the copy itself, Dot Comma’s team of expert linguists devised a number of creative solutions. We were able to stay on brand without exceeding the character limits. As a result, the translations could be imported directly into AdWords™ with zero errors. This saved considerable revisions by the client’s marketing agency and guaranteed a timely campaign launch.

“Dot Comma very quickly understood our business needs and their service is always accurate, thorough and quick. We’re really glad we found them!”Director Sales & Marketing