Translate financial documents in London and the City

How to translate financial documents in London

The City of London is a global financial centre. As cross-border financial transactions grow in frequency, so too does the requirement for accurate and quick financial translation in London. It is important to ensure that translations of financial documents not only add up, but also use the appropriate terminology. Because even the smallest error in a financial translation can have catastrophic consequences. But how can you make sure that you translate financial documents properly?

Before you translate financial documents, read this…

Financial translations for London clients can be a tricky business. Often, clients send financial reports for translation that contain a number of graphs, tables or calculations. Great care must be taken to ensure that the formatting is preserved during the translation process. Equally, different languages use different rules for grouping digits and numbers. Switzerland, for example, separates thousands by a space; Dutch uses a comma in place of a decimal point. And care also needs to be taken not to confuse the American billion (one thousand million) and British billion (one million million), especially when the foreign language (German) uses words such as Billion and Milliarde, which can both be translated as billion (the former in the British English sense, the latter in the US-English sense).

Why might you need to translate financial documents?

There are a number of different financial documents that may need to be translated. These include:

  • Translations of balance sheets and profit and loss accounts
  • Annual reports
  • Tax reports and financial records
  • Market research
  • Investor newsletters
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Financial records and translation of bank statements

You might need to translate financial documents from this list into a variety of languages for any number of reasons. For example, if you are opening a branch office abroad and need to translate your company’s financial statements. Equally, you might be involved in a cross-border financial transaction that requires you to translate a prospectus or information memorandum.

How to translate financial documents in the City of London

Being a translation agency in the City of London (London Bridge), Dot Comma specialises in translating financial documents. So, whether you need to get your annual report translated or are conducting market research by translating financial documentation, we can help. Our professional financial translators have detailed knowledge of financial markets and transactions. That is why we can guarantee high-quality and accurate financial translations.

Because many companies are required to publish their financial statements at Companies House, we can often translate financial documents in the same way as we translate Companies House documents. This saves time as we can download the financial documents for translation directly.