Translating AdWords without blowing your budget

Scrabble letters for translating Adwords

Maximise conversions by translating AdWords

Translating AdWords is a hot topic. In 2014, Google earned $66 billion, most of which stemmed from its proprietary advertising solution known as AdWords. The service enables businesses and website owners to display target advertisements to people who search for certain keyword triggers on Google. By using AdWords, businesses can appear top amongst the results for a particular search, which helps them sell more of their products and services.

Given the power of Google AdWords, it is vital that companies maximise its potential. Aside from focusing solely on English-speaking audiences (who only represent about 25% of all web users), you should not forget to translate your AdWords content to reach even more potential customers.

Successfully translating AdWords campaigns together

When you ask us to translate AdWords content, we will start by discussing with you whether there is a need to include additional keywords for different markets. For example, users in Germany search almost as frequently for “trainers” as they do for the German translation “Sportschuhe” so we need to identify the most-relevant translations of keywords to ensure your adverts are displayed for the right search terms. Equally, we will advise you about potential common misspellings when translating AdWords keywords, e.g. the extra “s” on the French translation of “brown boots” (“bottes marrons” instead of “bottes marron”). You may want to include these in your keyword lists to maximise your ad’s visibility.

Having translated the keywords, the next step is to translate the advert copy itself. This is tricky as a Google AdWords ad needs to be appealing but must also observe strict character limits (no more than 25 characters for headings and 35 characters for body copy). We will also make sure that dynamic adverts retain the Google coding necessary to ensure they display properly.

Lastly, having translated the content, the final stage is to test the campaign(s) and, where necessary, work with you to review and tweak the results.

Keeping a handle on AdWords translation costs

Traditional translation agency pricing models (pay-per-word) are not appropriate for translating AdWords content and keywords. They will often blow your entire AdWords budget before you’ve even launched the campaign, especially if your keywords lists are pretty lengthy!

Translations of AdWords keywords often involve a great deal of repetition or overlap in the content, e.g. ‘trainer’, ‘trainers’, ‘sports trainers’. Since these words are very similar, there is no need to pay to translate each of them every time. Instead, Dot Comma has developed an innovative pricing structure that is both transparent and cost-effective for the translation of SEO keywords for Google AdWords to ensure you can maximise your AdWords campaign budget and reach as many people online as possible. Contact us to get a quote to translate your AdWords campaign.