Translating Companies House documents

Translating Companies House documents

One of the most common types of documents we are asked to translate are company filings from Companies House. Typical requests include the translation of a company’s memorandum and articles of association, or asking us to translate certificates of incorporation or certificates of goodstanding issued by Companies House. We often find ourselves translating Companies House documents into German, Spanish, French, Russian and other languages for use in overseas commercial transactions.

Notarisation and legalisation of Companies House documents

More often than not, a notarised or sworn translation of Companies House documents is also required. In some instances, you will also need the original English company documents to be notarised as well. If you’re not sure what notarised translations are, see our helpful guide to legal translations.

We work closely with a leading firm of notaries in London, Vanner Perez, so can provide notarised translations quickly and cost-effectively. We can also arrange for your company’s documents to be notarised and legalised by Apostille if you wish. For some countries, you may also need to get a translation of the Apostille – this is something we can help you with.

Rapid and reliable translations of company documents

As a matter of law, your company’s certificate of incorporation, memorandum and articles of association are public documents. That means, we are able to obtain copies of company documents for translation directly from the Companies House website. So, we can begin translating  your company’s certificate of incorporation, memorandum and articles of association, and other company documents straightaway.

If you need a certificate of goodstanding translated, then we can order these directly from Companies House using their same-day (£50) or week-long (£20) service. A small administration fee applies.

Translations into English for Companies House

We don’t just specialise in translating Companies House documents into foreign languages. Sometimes, you need to translate company documents into English to present them to Companies House. The Registrar of Companies has published strict rules on how translations for Companies House must be prepared. Dot Comma is familiar with the requirements so you can be sure your translations will be accepted.

If you are establishing a branch in the UK, you will need to file English translations of your company’s articles of association and other constitutional documents. Similarly, if you have granted a mortgage or legal charge over foreign assets held by your UK company, then you must register this charge within 21 days (along with an English translation, if the mortgage deed is drawn up in a foreign language). Equally, even if the law does not require you to send a certified translation to Companies House, you can still file a voluntary translation using Form VT01. The advantage of doing so is that your English business partners will find it easier to deal with you and your company.

Dot Comma Top Tip
Finally, a word of warning – all company documents bearing the coats of arms or seal of the Registrar of Companies are protected by Crown copyright. So, care needs to be taken to avoid infringing these protections.