Translation of UK Degree Certificate for a Declaration of Value (dichiarazione di valore)

If you’ve studied at a UK university and want to have your qualification recognised in Italy, you will need to obtain a declaration of value (dichiarazione di valore) from the Italian Consulate. Part of the process of obtaining a declaration of value (dichiarazione di valore) requires you to submit a legal translation (traduzione legale).

What is a declaration of value (dichiarazione di valore)?

A declaration of value (dichiarazione di valore) is a document issued by the Italian Consulate confirming the equivalence of your academic qualification with its Italian counterpart. It allows you to undertake a course of further study at an Italian university; the declaration of value (dichiarazione di valore) is also needed as part of the application process in Italy for admission as a regulated professional, such as a lawyer, doctor, teacher, architect, accountant, etc.

How do I obtain a declaration of value (dichiarazione di valore)?

You need to apply, via post, to the appropriate Italian Consulate in the UK. If you studied at a Scottish university, then you need to contact the Italian Consulate in Edinburgh. Otherwise, you need to apply to the Consulate General in London. There may be a fee for this service.

As part of the application, you will need to send in a certified copy of your degree certificate (with Apostille). You also need to supply a legal translation (traduzione legale) of the degree certificate into Italian. Finally, you will need to send in an original transcript of marks or diploma supplement.

What is a legal translation (traduzione legale)?

A legal translation (traduzione legale) is one that is prepared by a professional translation agency and then authenticated/counter-signed by the Italian Consulate. The Italian Consulate has specific requirements for the translation of degree certificates into Italian. All the professional Italian translators that work for Dot Comma are aware of these requirements, so you can be certain that your translation will be accepted by the Italian Consulate without issue.

N.B. A legal translation (traduzione legale) is separate from an Italian sworn translation (traduzione giurata); an Italian sworn translation (traduzione giurata) is certified by a professional Italian translator registered with one of the local courts (tribunale) in Italy. Dot Comma recommends using the legal translation route for educational qualifications since it can be processed at the same time as the application for a declaration of value (dichiarazione di valore).

How much does a legal translation (traduzione legale) cost?

The fee for a legal translation into Italian of one degree certificate is £76.80 inc. VAT. This fee covers the translation and certification. However, it does not include postage/delivery of the hardcopy to you, nor does it cover the Consulate fees, which are charged separately (see this link for details: