Wedding abroad paperwork translation

Professional wedding abroad paperwork translation service

According to a recent newspaper article, almost one in four British couples now choose to get married abroad. Some of the most popular destinations include South Africa, St Lucia, Mauritius, Italy, the Dominican Republic and Cuba. Getting hitched in a foreign country is many people’s idea of a dream destination wedding. But you need to make sure you don’t forget about your wedding abroad paperwork translation, else your Big Day might be in jeopardy.

Wedding abroad paperwork translation service

When you tie the knot overseas, there are a number of documents you need to supply to ensure your wedding celebration can take place officially. If you’re getting married in a country that doesn’t speak English, then you will probably need to get your wedding paperwork translated, as well. You may be asked to translate your and your fiancé(e)’s birth certificate, both your passports and, if one of you is divorced, the decree absolute. Where you’ve been widowed (and not remarried), then you will need to get a copy of your spouse’s death certificate translated.

You should choose a professional translation company to help with your wedding abroad paperwork translation. Why? Well, if you don’t obtain accurate translations of wedding documentation, you run the risk delays to your wedding ceremony – or, worse still, cancellation. What is more, different countries have different requirements for how your wedding abroad paperwork should be translated.

Case study: Translating wedding paperwork for Cuba

To get married in Cuba, you will need to provide an official translation of your wedding paperwork. There are two options – either you have your wedding abroad paperwork translations carried out by the Cuban Embassy in London, or you get your documents translated by a professional translation agency. We recommend the latter approach as you know everything is sorted before you leave the UK, and you will probably find that our fees and service are better than you will receive from the Embassy.

If you are single, you will first need to obtain a certificado de soltería, otherwise known as a declaration of single status. You can find out more about a certificado de soltería here. You will also need to have the declaration translated into Spanish, along with a translation of your birth certificate to get married in Cuba.

Both the original English birth certificate and the Spanish translation will need to be apostilled by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, before being stamped by the Cuban Embassy in London. Dot Comma can organise both elements quickly and easily for you – within 72 hours, if needs be. Once you have the official translation, the Apostilles and the stamps from the Cuban Embassy, you can present your documents to the authorities in Cuba.

If you are divorced or widowed, the process is the same. However, your wedding abroad paperwork translation will need to include a translation of your divorce decree absolute into Spanish or a translation of your deceased spouse’s death certificate (in place of a declaration of single status).

What is a declaration of single status?

In certain countries, you will be asked to obtain a a certificate of no impediment to marry or a declaration of single status, which you will then have to have translated. This causes some people difficulty as they aren’t sure what it is or where they can get it. If you’re not sure, speak to – they will be able to help prepare your declaration/affidavit of marital eligibility. You can then ask us to translate it for you.